Dr.Attarzadeh Hossini

Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Effect of eight weeks resistance training on skeletal muscle Klotho protein and IGF-1 in elderly rat    M.Sc.    kasraei, somaye    2018-10-08
2    The Effect of Swimming High Intensity Interval Training and Resveratrol Suplementation on Liver Structure and HSP70 in aged Rats    Ph.D    Kiani, Mina    2018-07-03
3    Comparison of respiratory indices and maximum oxygen consumption in smokers and healthy active and inactive people    M.Sc.    HALAK, HUSSIEN    2018-07-03
4    The effect of changes in serum BDNF after 8 weeks of resistance training in involved and non-involved muscles in the elderly balance    M.Sc.    shabani, mohsen    2018-07-02
5    The effect of eight weeks of aerobic training on the levels of some hormone and metabolites on the reward system in Adolescent boys with internet addiction    M.Sc.    korehpazmashhadi, fereshteh    2018-07-02
6    The effects of various intensities of aerobic training on enzyme contents of ATGL and HSL from visceral fat of obese male wistar rats    M.Sc.    faraj zade devin, sima    2018-07-02
7    The effect of selected aerobic exercises on VEGF serum and Endostatin factors in cardiac patients    M.Sc.    Ghollasi Mood, Mojgan    2018-07-01
8    Effect of aerobic training exercise with different intensities on Asprosin level of adipose tissue in Obese Male Wistar rats    M.Sc.    Rezaee Bahrabad, Zeinab    2018-07-01
9    Comparison of the effect of eight weeks of water and land training on levels Testosterone and IGF-1 in elderly men.    M.Sc.    Shafei, Abolfazl    2018-07-01
10    The effect of concurrent training order on some pre-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory adipokines and insulin resistance in women type 2 diabete    Ph.D    Mirzendedel, zahra    2018-06-13
11    Design and launch the Sport Physiology & health laboratory website    M.Sc.    ALIZADEH, MOHAMMADHOSSEIN    2018-05-01
12    The order effects of concurrent training on GLP-1 and insulin resistance in woman with type 2 diabetes    M.Sc.    nejati, reihaneh    2018-03-07
13    The effects of endurance, resistance, and combined training on liver expression of PPAR- α, SIRT-1 and serum CK-18 levels in male rats of induced to NAFLD by high-fat diet    Ph.D    Nikroo, Hossein    2018-02-28
14    Effects of eight weeks resistance exercise with Whey Protein supplementation on the phosphorylation of P70S6K and 4E-BP1 in Aged Rat Skeletal Muscle    M.Sc.    mohamad hosseini, hossein    2018-02-28
15    The effect of concurrent training order on some mitochondrial, ribosome biogenesis regulatory myokines and insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes patient    Ph.D    Motahari Rad, Morteza    2018-02-21
16    The effect of recovery with cold water immersion on injury and muscle performance indices of young soccer players following four weeks of cold water habituation    M.Sc.    mostafafarkhani, babak    2017-12-12
17    Comparison the effects of aerobic and resistance training on Arterial Stiffness, Endothelial Function, Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and inflammatory biomarkers in obese sedentary women    Ph.D    Rahimian Mashhad, Ziba    2017-10-08
18    Effect of interval training on gene expression of mesenchymal markers Vimentin & Twist in the tumor of mice model with breast cancer    Ph.D    Gholamian, Samira    2017-08-22
19    Comparison of acute effect of exercise-cold on serum FGF21 levels and Cortisol in overweight young women    M.Sc.    Dastani farooji, Maryam    2017-07-09
20    Comparison of the acute effect of exercise-cold on serum Irisin levels and Cortisol in overweight young women    M.Sc.    salkhord, mahsa    2017-07-09
21    The Comparison of effect of the acute Resistance training and High intensity interval training on the levels of BDNF, cortisol, blood lactate in active girls students    M.Sc.    haghjoo, maryam    2017-07-03
22    The effects of resistance training with high intensity and Ursolic Acid supplementation on plasma levels of inflammatory factors and Irisin in inactive healthy men    Ph.D    Asghari, Ehsan    2017-07-03
23    Compare effect temperament people nonathlete on the levels of lactate dehydrogenase and succinate dehydrogenase enzymes in serum and aerobic poweror after exhaustive activity    M.Sc.    vahedi, saeed    2017-05-24
24    The role of temperament on index levels muscle injury after acute resistance exercise in deactivate men    M.Sc.    rahati, milad    2017-05-23
25    The Impact of High-Intensity Interval Training Versus Continuous Training on CD133, CD34, VEGFR/2 markers, Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and Ankle-Brachial Index in Overweight Middle-Aged Women.    Ph.D    farahati, samaneh    2017-05-14
26    Comparing the effect of eight weeks rock climbing on vestibular evoked myogenic potential, balance, body composition and functional index in congenitally blind patients versus normal girls    M.Sc.    mirzadeh, masoomeh    2017-03-06
27    The effect of blood flow restriction on follistatin to myostatin ratio, body composition and anaerobic power in young trained volleyball    M.Sc.    Bagheri, Reza    2017-03-01
28    effect of eight weeks of High intensity aerobic exercise training and supplementation of L-arginine under isoenergetic conditions on appetite-regulating hormones and anthropometric indices in obese adolescent boys    Ph.D    Mabhout moghadam, Tohid    2017-02-27
29    Effect of growth hormone administration and resistance training on structural changes and BRAF gene mutation (T1799A) in thyroid tissue of Male rats    Ph.D    Roozbeh, Behnam    2017-02-27
30    The Effects of aerobic training before and after induction of Alzheimer’s Disease on mRNA ABCA1 and APOE and level of Aβ in Hippocampus of Wistar male rats    Ph.D    Sarlak, Zahra    2016-12-20
31    Comparison of effect two week combined exercises with beta-alanine Supplementation Consumption on the isocapnic buffering and hypocapnic hyperventilation phases in individual and team athletes    M.Sc.    heidari, abbas    2016-11-08
32    Determination of the effectiveness threshold of combined training (aerobic- resistance) on some neuropathy indicators, pain and oxidative stress in diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy    Ph.D    amiriparsa, tayebe    2016-11-08
33    The effect of two low and moderate endurance training protocols on mitochondrial dysfunction in type 2 diabetic male mice    Ph.D    modaresi, masoomeh sadat    2016-07-04
34    Comparison of the effect of two protocols of High-Intensity Interval Training and resistance exercise on the ratio of Follistatin compared to serum myostatin and some of the performance indicators in active students    M.Sc.    amani, asiye    2016-06-06
35    Comparison the effect of an official competition of Basketball game on IgA, total proteins, cortisol and, salivary testosterone in elite and non elite men    M.Sc.    khazaei doroh, saeid    2016-05-03
36    The effect of resistance training with Simple pyramid and reverse pyramid on sexual hormones and cardiovascular risk factor in menopause sedentary females    M.Sc.    ghadiri, Fateme    2016-05-03
37    Comparison of the effect of 10 weeks aerobic training and supplementation of melatonin on DNA oxidative damage and antioxidant status of elderly non-athlete men    M.Sc.    bahoosh, mohammad    2016-04-19
38    Comparison of effect of different levels of walking on body composition, and lipid profile, insulin resistance of diabetes type 2    M.Sc.    shalchi mashhadi, sareh    2016-04-11
39    The effect of combined training with and without consuming the flaxseed on the estrogen hormone، Lipid profile and insulin resistance of postmenopausal women    M.Sc.    jahanshiri, nasrin    2016-04-11
40    The effect of eight weeks of aerobic exercise and L-arginine supplement on aerobic power, IL-6 and TNF-α in blood serum of young soccer players    M.Sc.    Aryanezhad, Mahde    2016-03-06
41    The effect of water polo training with Beta-alanine supplementation on plasma carnosine and performance of elite water poloists    M.Sc.    tajaddin, shahabDDIN    2016-03-06
42    The response of candidate adipokines and signaling involving in glucose metabolism to caloric restriction and aerobic exercise    Ph.D    Delpassand, Alireza    2016-02-08
43    Comparing the effect of aerobic training exercise with different intensities on some muscles Myokines levels and change of fat tissue in Obese Male Wistar rats    Ph.D    hejazi, keyvan    2016-01-23
44    The effect of eight weeks of High-intensity interval training (HIIT) with L-arginine supplementation on aerobic power, anaerobic and changes of IL-4 and IFN-γ in soccer players young    M.Sc.    shakiba, mostafa    2015-07-06
45    The effect of eight weeks High-intensity interval training with and without l- arginin supplementation on VEGF ، Endostatin and VO2max young players football    M.Sc.    khorami, mohamad ali    2015-07-06
46    The effect of eight weeks combination training with and without consuming pomegranate consontrate on some of metabolic syndrome index in middle age obeses women    M.Sc.    Sadegh Eghbali, Fatemeh    2015-07-06
47    Comparison the effect of resistance training in land and water on salivary cortisol ,anxiety, pain and functional activity in elderly women with chronic knee pain    M.Sc.    Nikjooy, Henhameh    2015-06-21
48    The Effects of eight weeks of aerobic training and use of fibric acid on lipid profile of inactive overweight women    M.Sc.    abrishami, maryam    2015-04-22
49    The effects of eight weeks aerobic training on Irisin levels and lipid profile in overweight male students    M.Sc.    hakimi, milad    2015-04-18
50    Comparing effects of single bout of aerobic activity following two methods of whey protein supplementation, on MFO, Fatmax and insulin resistance in overweight girls    M.Sc.    seyedi, atefe    2015-04-18
51    The Effect of Strength, Balance and Combine Training on balance of Children with developmental coordination disorder: approaches comparison    Ph.D    kordi, hassan    2014-12-07
52    Latin: Comparison of eight weeks Plyvmtryk strength and power, endurance and quadriceps and hamstring MVC after ACL reconstruction    M.Sc.    zebarjadi, shima    2014-10-26
53    Comparing the effects of an aerobic and a resistance training protocol on the BDNF serum levels of patients with diabetic neuropathy    M.Sc.    Rezaei Namjoo, Farideh    2014-10-26
54    The effect ofl interval training with diffrent intensity on aerobic and anaerobic performance in active girls    M.Sc.    Morshedlo Kherad Olia, Somaye    2014-10-26
55    Effects of L - arginine supplementation on the response of VEGF, Endostatin and VO2Max in Well-Trained wrestlers after Exhaustive exercise    M.Sc.    Motahari Rad, Morteza    2014-06-29
56    Comparison of effectiveness of cognitive group therapy and combination it with self-management program in reducing of pain, depression, anxiety, aggression in women with chronic pain    M.Sc.    salayani, faezeh    2014-06-10
57    effects of twelve weeks of aerobic exercise on Galanin serum levels in middle aged obese women.    M.Sc.    khairabady, somaye    2014-05-14
58    Effect of 8 weeks of combined training (cardio - strength) on lipid profile and apoprotein B, a non-athlete students    M.Sc.    foladi, mahdi    2014-05-04
59    the effect of variable practice on acquisition and learning of simple volleyball strike serve in female students    M.Sc.    kamrannia, toktam    2014-02-19
60    the effect of one period of high- intensity interval training (HIIT) on PCG-1 alfa gene and lipid profile in overweight women    M.Sc.    azizi ghouchan, zeinab    2014-01-29
61    An ergonomic comparison of clutching of MF 285 and MF399 tractors with muscle electromyography method    M.Sc.    Nikkhah Kolachahi, Amin    2014-01-14
62    predictiong the performance of soccer players on the basis of anthropometric, physiological, fitness and skills characteristics    M.Sc.    BASTAMI, MANSOUR    2013-12-01
63    effect of 8 weeks aerobic training and weight reduce diet to plasma follistatin level of non active woman    M.Sc.    tajik, mahboobeh    2013-12-01
64    effict of 8 weeks aerobic exercise on aerobic fitness, lipid profile, insulin resistance and oestrogen and progesterone hormones in elderly women    M.Sc.    Habibnia, Parvaneh    2013-12-01
65    The effect of one period of weight training With different intensities on serum of Iirisin in sedentary young women    M.Sc.    Moeinnia, Navideh    2013-11-19
66    Effect of Testosterone enanthate and eight weeks of endurance training on changes in liver histopathological and liver enzyme profiles of male rats    M.Sc.    dehbashi, mohsen    2013-10-16
67    Comparison of anthropometric and physiological characteristics of professional, semi-professional and amateur women kabaddi players.    M.Sc.    Mahboob, Narges    2013-10-15
68    effect of eight weeks of resistance training on lipids profile and insulin resistance in non-active postmenopausal women    M.Sc.    vadiee, vida    2013-07-06
69    Effect of Eight Weeks of Resistance Exercises on Serum Androgens and Cortisol Levels in    M.Sc.    ZAREE, REYHANEH    2013-07-06
70    The effect of eight weeks water aerobic exercise in water with and without bunium persicum on the levels of hs-CRP and lipid profile in postmenopausal women    M.Sc.    qalandarabadi, mehri    2013-07-06
71    The Relationship between Levels of Depression, Self-Perception and Self-Esteem with Levels of Cortisol and Testosterone in Postmenopausal Active and Non-Active Women    M.Sc.    jahan far, azam    2013-05-27
72    the effect of hydrotherapy on improvement in the patients with varicose veins    M.Sc.    momeni mehrjerdi, maryam    2013-04-28
73    The effects of three months of aerobic exercise training and diet on liver enzyme levels in obese patients with type II diabetes    M.Sc.    mohamadrahimi, Gholam rasul    2012-12-30
74    The effect of two six-week core-exercises programs on performance factors of high-trained badminton players    M.Sc.    Mohseni Nia, Davoud    2012-07-08
75    Comparison of Effects of Two Weight Reduction Methods on Serum Myostatin and Follistatin Levels in Well-Trained Wrestlers    M.Sc.    Motevalli Anbarani, Seyed Mohamad    2012-07-02
76    Acute lactate, growth hormone and IGF-I response to two protocols training with restriction of blood flow in young men    M.Sc.    heydari, faeze    2012-05-28
77    Effect of Eight Weeks of Aerobic Training on Some Factors of vessel Endothelial Function and Changes of Estrogen Hormone in non-active Postmenopausal Women    M.Sc.    farahati, samaneh    2012-05-28
78    The effect of plyometric training on Functional and physiological indicators in non-active boy students    M.Sc.    safari, omid    2012-02-29
79    Effect of Branched-Chain Amino Acids supplements and Carbohydrates on muscle damage induced by eccentric resistance exercise    M.Sc.    hoseainy, saeied hashem    2012-01-28
80    The effect of 8 weeks plyometric, weight & Combined exercises on sprin & explosive in Non-athlete students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhd    M.Sc.    Saeedi Siney, Ali Reza    2011-09-26
81    Investigation of thesalivary cortisol and testosterone during Futsal game    M.Sc.    vadood, mohsen    2011-04-21
82    The effect of selected exercise on levels of the immunoglobulin (IgA, IgM, and IgG) serum during preparation course in semi endurance elite runners.    M.Sc.    hejazi, keyvan    2011-04-20
83    Effect of zinc supplementation on Physical growth and perceptual-motor function of school children    M.Sc.    mohamadi, jafar    2010-09-22
84    Effects of Resistance and Endurance Exercises on Serum Androgens, ¬Cortisol and Lactate Levels in Elderly Women    M.Sc.    sourati jabloo, donya    2010-06-22
85    Effect of Resistance and Endurance Exercises on Serum Androgens, Cortisol and Lactate Levels in Aging Men    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Amin    2010-06-22
86    The comparison of the effect of aerobic training program and dietary modification on serum aminotransferase levels in patients with non alcoholic Steatohepatitis    M.Sc.    nikroo, hossein    2010-02-13
87    The effect of physical practice, cognitive mental imagery and emotional mental imagery on basketball learning    M.Sc.    nameni, zahra    2008-08-22